How to Ask for Gifts

Gift Registry

23 August 2016

Gift registry how to ask for gifts

Some of us feel a bit awks asking for gifts because we’re worried it looks greedy, and we’ve all read about that bridezilla who complained
about her friend not spending enough… Eek. But the truth is, most of your guests want to buy you something special to mark the occasion
- even if it’s just something small. If you don’t give them some guidelines they’ll buy something anyway, and they’ll just be guessing.
Most people honestly appreciate receiving gift registry details as it takes away a lot of pressure!

Try one of these lines to make gifting a pleasure – and an option – for everyone.
Remember to choose a style that sounds right with your invitation wording…

Relaxed & informal:
The pleasure of your company is the biggest gift we could ask for on our special day.
We honestly don’t expect gifts, but if you would like to buy something small
to help us start our married life, we have a registry at ......

Fun & friendly:
We can’t wait to share our big day with you and really don’t expect any fancy gifts!
Some of you keep asking though, so we have set up a gift registry at ......

A bit more formal:
Should you wish to buy a gift for Julia and Richard,
a registry has been created at ......... 

Short & sweet:
Please don’t feel obliged to buy us a gift, we just want you to celebrate with us and dance all night!
But, if you would like to purchase a present to get us started as Mr & Mrs, we have registered at ............

Polite, clear, sorted! Let’s just hope Aunt Mabel checks the registry so you don’t get one of those lovely lace doily sets that she’s had since 1977.