Gift Registry Tips: Glassware

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01 September 2016

Gift registry tips: Glassware

Glasses come in so many different shapes and sizes, and the ones you choose really depend on your life. Will you be entertaining a lot? 
Do your friends know or care if they drink red wine from a white wine glass? 
Do you need shooter glasses? (It’s amazing how handy those little gems can be, even if you aren’t lining up the tequilas!) 

A fully kitted-out bar needs martini glasses too, and a good stock of decent highball glasses and tumblers never goes amiss. If you’re going for the simpler vibe, stick with some everyday highball and tumbler options. 

Don’t forget home essentials like ice trays, a glass jug, and the all-important corkscrew and bottle opener (can you imagine not having… no, we won’t go there!)
An ice bucket with tongs is always handy, and a drinks tray finishes it all off beautifully. Glassware is something you can never have too much of.
Just think – water, a G+T or two, maybe some champers to celebrate…

For those champagne occasions, it’s really worth having a special set of glasses to glam things up – perhaps some crystal in a beautiful design?
They’ll last a lifetime and remind you of your happiest day every time you use them.