Tips For Setting Up a Gift Registry

Gift Registry

23 August 2016

Gift registry tips

If you’re thinking about a gift registry, chances are you’re getting ready for an incredibly special occasion… Congratulations!!
We absolutely love being part of preparing for your big day, and we’re here to help in any way we can.

A gift registry is one of those small details that makes your wedding planning that much easier,so you can focus on looking absolutely gorgeous!
It also means you can choose the perfect accessories to start your life together in style.

Here are a few tips to get you started...
Choose gifts with a range of prices so there’s something everyone can afford.

Select enough items to give everyone some options. You don’t want them to feel obliged to buy
the last two things left on the registry if everything else is taken.

Plan ahead… the longer you wait to do seating, a gift registry, buy shoes or anything else,
the more stressed you’ll be closer to your big day.

If you and your future spouse already have a home full of décor, accessories and furniture,
think about things that will need replacing soon, or use the occasion as a good excuse to redecorate a room or two.

Lots of people put small gifts on the tables for their wedding guests, but don’t feel pressured to do this.
A container of bubbles or confetti will add a lot of smiles though! You can also make a donation to a charity of your choice,
and leave a small note on each table that this has been done in lieu of table gifts.

Show your bridesmaids you care! A small show of appreciation can mean so much...
A small gift such as a beautiful candle with an hand-written note can be really special.

Just for fun: Your bridesmaids have been doing so much for you…
show your appreciation with a pair of brightly coloured flip-flops so they can dance the night away in comfort!